All fighters, please help me, advice needed?

hi, im in 10 grade at my school. i have moved here for 3-4 months.these days, people are pushing me around, acting tough on me, because they know i won't touch them or fight them. i really try to avoid fights.I get a little nervous and a little scared when people do that to me. there's this other new guy, who came last month, but he is really big n strong, and all the so called big tough guys are * scared of him, they ave become friends with him,maybe in fear of getting in fight with him. all the people that push me around never act tough in front of him, he pushes them around and they listen. but i am not really scared of the people here, they act tough when they are in class or with friends, but alone they become friendly and nice. i am a really nice guy and not bully,should i start fighting them? as soon as any1 tries to push me around, shall i go for them?how should i loose my fear? i heard everyone gets a little scared before fights,but some admit i coward? bye, be nice.


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they pick on u b/c they dont respect u.yet. sometimes a man has to make a stand. but whatever u do, pick ur battles wisely. theres no use in popping a dude in the chops if he's with his boys and ur by urself. most likely u'll get beat down by the whole crew.

i was in a similar situation when i was ur age being the new kid and before guns became really an issue in schools. i was picked on b/c of my race...i was outnumbered riding the bus home and the bullies always talked smack. so i figured if i was gonna go down, im gonna go down swingin.' plus i had a metal pipe in backpack. maybe i was a coward for carrying a weapon...but when u got 4 or 5 bigger guys wanting to whoop ur *** i didnt care. i never got to use that pipe on anyones head...but the next year when i had friends, they didnt pick on me anymore.

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Crack the first one that comes up to you. Don't hesitate. Right in front of everybody. Don't stop. Keep whaling on him. That's when he is off his guard because he thinks that you won't do nothing. As soon as you bust his lip, it will give others time to think about what they are in for the next time that they confront you. And you keep on doing this until you get your respect. All that snitching garbage to the principle is out the window. If it were me, there would have been an extra chapter in a history book because his face would have been all in it from the backside of the cover. But, that's just me. It' so not happening.

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Yer gonna have to drop someone bigger in front of everyone someday... Yreah I know its a **.. but thats life , and its pretty much a rite of passage.. do it quick do it hard and do it dirty.. there is no such thing as a fair fight unless you are a fool...

Been there.. done that (hadda do it again 2 weeks ago in fact and I'm an old fart) It shouldnt have to happen.. but it is a fact of life...

The scarey thing to me.. is I dont get scared its always been a very lucid moment.. and I dont feel any thing until the next day (My ribs are a little sore as we speak LOL but just a little) Personally I dont start anything.. but I will indeed and do finish it..

Welcome to the boy club.. sorry but thats the way it goes...

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