10 reasons why people take part in sport?


What is ur favorite sport that u play?

too keep fit
because they enjoy it
because they have no choice
for a good cause (ie cancer research,run for life)
erm cant think of anymore

Improve my punches?

To get fitter.
To compare themselves against others.
To get out of the house and meet new people.
To try something new.
Because they have a yearing to do a particularsport.
They find they have a nautral appitiude for a particular sport.

6 to be getting on with.

Why does Jim Rome love Hockey so much but can't "get" soccer?

to keep fit.

I need help with gettin my speed up?

One reason is that people want to meet other people, but from experience, this does not work all the time. Another is to be part of something or to accomplish something. Another is to stay in shape or get in shape.

Is there any online badminton games?

there is a business side of sport, and with sport fishing there is the good eating, but I like the following one the most - Netball was invented by a woman from New Orleans when she misinterpreted the instructions mailed to her from the inventor of Basketball, Naismith. Basketball was invented to overcome boredom of boys in a YMCA program in MA; Netball (an obscure Olympic sport) was an effort to overcome similar boredom of girls.
Someone from Jamaica insisted it was a game from the slavemasters from England, but we looked it up - and thus also overcame some boredom. It was a rainy day.


Get/keep fit/lose weight
Satisfy ego
Meet fellow enthusiasts
Measure yourself against other people
Win medals/ cups
Make new friends
Enjoy the apres-sport social life
Achieve fame and glory
Do something you enjoy and are good at
Enjoy the endorphin rush afterwards

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