A runner on first gets caught in a squeeze play, can he try to knock the ball out of the guys hand to be safe?

Watching a game last night, I saw that the first baseman didn't have the ball in his glove and it seemed to me that the base runner could have just slapped the ball right out of his hand. Is it any different than slamming into home to dislodge the ball from the catcher?


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No, that isnt allowed. Alex Rodriguez attempted just that during the 2004 playoffs against the Red Sox, and was called out for it. He got the Hamburger Helper Hand photo send up for weeks after that play as well. :-)

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No the runner should be out if they did that becuase they can't interfere with the defense making a play.

If the runner slid into the base and the baseman was in the way, causing him to drop the ball, that would be the ump's call. It could go either way in that situation. The runner might make the argument that the ball was dropped before he touched the base, and the baseman might make the argument that the runner caused him to drop the ball.

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if the ball was touching the baseman and the runner touched him, he'd be tagged out

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