Any tips on learning how to skateboard?

I am wanting to learn how to skateboard if you can tell me pretty much the basics and where i should start out at and where i can get a board that would be awesome.Also i live in a town that is out in the country so the only place you can skate is in the roads and where i come from you will end up dead if you do that so any advice there is helpful.


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Ok. A few questions:
1) Do you have your parents consent?
2) Do you have and will wear pads and helmets?
3) Do you have at least $120?
Good. Okay.
1) Find a local skate shop or Vans or Zumiez outlet that sells complete skateboards. (pre-made) Buy a name brand. (ex: Element, Birdhouse, flip, etc. I recommend that you start out with a smaller deck, like 7.0-7.5 width, so it's easier to flip and ollie. You may upgade later) It will cost about $100-120. If not available, look on these sites for a pre-made complete: (recommended) (highly recommended)

they will cost the same, if not less, than the completes at the store.
2) Get used to it. Don't try any ollies or anything yet. Just try pushing around, kickturning, ramp skating at your local park, (if you have one) etc. here's a good article on it:

3) once you get used to it, try out ollying. It may be hard for you. Try taking tips from other skaters. No biggie.

4) You're on your own now, GO SHRED!

P.S. e-mail me for any questions at


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One word: move.

Do u play any sports?

Get a decent board, nothing from Wal-mart! Zero is a great brant to start with.

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I'd go get one at WalMart to start out. Then just keep trying until you get it. Then upgrade if you get better.

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1ST wear a helmut and padding!! Then do what everyone else says.

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if there are any skateparks near u go there then if there are skaters there ask for tips and they might teach you

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