Anyone Do Cheerleading??


Strange 'straight' behaviour please explain...?

do cheerleading? no
do a cheerleader? of course

Does this prove Bradman was the best?

yeah and i boned every chick on my team!!

If you play sports for a religious school, does your coach still cuss at the team?

I used to.

Disc golf anybody?


Not unless you count a recurring nightmare that involves public humiliation.

Whos a better skater bam margera or rian sheckkler?

Hell No!In fact with a little help of litigation, managed to get them suspended for two years from high daughter's that is a different slant on the subject of the little ingrates with the narcissistic tendencies don't you think? You may not like what i said but i have the rioght to express myself...i think cheerleading is absolutely a waste of time and I know first i tried it and found it to be the most inane and throughtless bunch of young women ever.i am sooo not in or down for this alleged activity.

Need help with physical and mental tests.?

i do! and proud to say so!

Highest paid Athlete?

Yes! All Star cheerleading is the best!

Who thinks should have a skateboarding place in the sports section?

I do! I have cheered since I was 8 years old, moved up through high school and into college (go OSU!). I am currently a cheer coach because cheering has been such a big part of my life.

I have found that cheering has given me many opportunities in life. Being a spokesperson and ambassador for your school is very rewarding.

We also took part in many community activities and gave back to the many businesses that supported us.

Cheerleading can keep you physically fit and motivated in addition to helping one from being shy or introverted.

So, yes.I continue to enjoy this wonderful sport and will do my best to help the incoming young girls understand why cheering is so important.

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