What do you like the most + why?

Do you like dirt biking, skateboarding, or playing guitar the most? and explain why, please. (that will make it more interesting)


I need help from anyone here who is a TRAMPOLINIST?

I LOVE playing the guitar bc i like writing songs then its fun being creative and writing the music to it, but i also like to skateboard even though im not that good :P

Is it illegal to have a pool for March Madness?

biking - the thrill

Best skateboard brand?

Playing the guitar.

Will 2007 be Detroits sports year?

seek intervention

I need help with kickflips i can get the flip in but i cant get higher then the board?

Guitar. The excitement to learning how to play an instrument at all is a good experience and also its something more lesure-like.

Does anybody know any match in sports between men and women, "battle of the sexes"?

dirt biking, definitely, to me.playing guitar is too complicated and skateboarding is even worse

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