Any opinions (men AND women) on women's submission wrestling or "rules" catfighting?

Question:I am an avid fan of it. I'm not into the fake WWE stuff at all, but I really enjoy a women's submission match or a "rules" catfight. Even women's MMA. I'm curious how many other people (men and women both) have opinions on it. I'm not talking about the silicone model fake catfights that you can find online. I mean, if that's what you like, sure, let me know. I'm referring to the fights that actually end with one woman tapping out. If you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what I am referring to, check out,, or

Feel free to email me if you care to have an intelligent conversation about it. I'm not looking to be judged for my interest, just looking for interesting conversations and viewpoints. Like it ? Hate it? Women shouldn't do it? Why? That's all.



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We have womens MMA here. I must say that I was surprised to see it the first time as it was one match among a few others. After watching it I was completely happy with the way the fight went.

Women are athletes too. They are capable of doing the same things as men, sometimes better. I don't see a problem with women's submission wrestling or MMA fighting. It's their choice as to what they want to do.

Unfortunately I don't think it's going to be a popular enough sport to be televised. The reason for this is that many men (major demographic for MMA fights) want to look at silicone or toned bodies, not bruised faces and broken noses.

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