Alright college sports fans, answer me this.?

Why is it the only sports you hear about in the NCAA is Basketball Football? Why did other sports like baseball or hockey get the axe? I never understood college sports though, seems like just too many teams and some are sports teams or others are academic teams very lopsided except for the very view games.


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The reason you hear about football and basketball is because these are the only two NCAA sports that primarily feed their cooresponding professional system.

Most other sports don't have a major professional system. Gymnastics, and swimming, for example.

Those that do have a major professional system, baseball and hockey being the prime examples, have a minor league or semi-pro system from which they draw the lion's share of their talent. This means that you don't get the same caliber of talent in hockey and baseball players in the college ranks as you tend to in football and basketball.

Essentially, if you want to go pro in football and basketball, you have to go to college, and this means that college programs are showcases for future pros. This also means a generally high quality level of play. However, if you want to go pro in hockey or baseball, you enter the professional league's lower level system and work your way to the bigs. This means that the best non-pro talent doesn't end up in college, they end up in minor league play. This being the case, college baseball and hockey get the "good but not great" high school talent, thus providing a game that is not of the same quality as the sports for which college is a feeder into the pros.

Plus, basketball and football are the two biggest money makers in college sports. Thus the universities are going to attempt to expliot their popularity to increase revenue.

The reason you see such lopsided games is due, in part, to the fact that the universities largely choose their schedule. For example, in football, you have to play a certain number of conference games, and your traditional non conference rival. Other than that, you're free to pick. This means the big powerhouse schools seek out creampuff games against smaller opponents to pad their schedule.

College sports is also a game of recruiting, and schools that do well tend to recruit better. This means that winning is self-perpetuating. Do well one year, and more regional talent will want to go to your school. More regional talent means more chances to win in the future, and thus secure even more talent. This means the best schools gobble up all the talent, leaving the scraps to smaller, less popular programs. Because of this, you get powerhouse conference schools that dominate a lot of teams in their area. This creates a situation where one team is able to claim lopsided victories over schools that can't compete against it in recruiting.

Sorry for the length - college sports is complicated!

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reason why NCAA Hockey isn't so big is cause the only good teams in the country in NCAAH r teams all up north like U of Michigan, Mich State, Boston Coll., Boston U, U of Maine, U of Minnesota, U of North Dakota and even schools like Lake Superior St. and Michigan Tech

and same thing in NCAA Baseball except all the dominant Baseball teams r down south like South Florida, Florida A&M, Texas, Miami, Florida St, and UNC and them

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