"impossible is nothing" by addidas, can anyone figure out something that is really definitely impossible?


I am a little old for Gymnastics and need seroius conditioning. What do I need to do?

world peace...

If I'm only 19, how long do you think It will take me to be into "Pro/Collegiate" football shape ?

Getting Bush to agree he made a mistake with the war in Iraq or to ever get him to admit he has ever made a mistake.

Is there a sport where you hit a little white ball and have a slave carry your weapons (clubs and bags)?

Running a mile in 12 seconds.
World peace
Liberal politicians stopping their PC crap
And much, much more.

I run a 14.9 in the 100 yard dash and I am the fastest in the school and town.Is that really a good time?

getting a second chance to make a first impression, and to unsay something once you've said it

Does your shoe affect you doing the ollie?

slamming a revolving door

Whats the latest score between Murphy and Stevens snooker match please?


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