Anyone got tips for getting on a skateboard olling and able to skate?

I cant get my balence and if i do i try to start rolling but then i lose my balence and fall if it helps im regular


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just get used to the skateboard first. roll around in your neighborhood, get used to it, and see if there are any other kids who can skate. (you don't want to be with the nasty punks, just a kid who can do at least a kickflip) After you're REALLY, REALLY comfy with your skateboard, (I'm talking pushing and riding in your sleep) look at some videos on and see how to ollie, or find a how to skate video, (probably Transworld's) but do NOTHING ELSE. after you have the ollie down (be able to ollie over a skateboard or two) THEN learn other tricks. But here it goes anyways:

.First, Put your back foot on the edge of the tail, and keep just your toes on it. Put your front foot in the middle, or anywhere else you feel comfy with. I put it a little more towards me from the middle.

.Second, bend your knees until your head is where the top of your stomach used to be. THEN (the following has to happen at about the same time, and quickly)
1. SNAP THE TAIL. Don't jump until you hear the "SNAP!" of the tail.
2. When the tail "SNAPS!" jump up with your back foot and slide your front foot up. (It probably will instinctively do that)
3. When the board is in the air, raise your knees as high as they can go. Try kicking yourself in the knees when you do this.
. Let the board level out below you, then extend your legs and let gravity pull you down. Bend your knees to absorb the impact.

At first, it will probably not happen, but as you keep on practicing, you will eventually get it. It took me a year to get it down. You'll probably have some problems, like that only 1 foot is on the board. Trust yourself and put ot back on! You will fall trying this, so don't be afraid. Get out there and skate!

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yeah, just roll around for a while then start going faster and faster as u get better. Then ask about ollies later,

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