1)Why was the French athlete Loire Pastze stripped of his medal in the 1904 peoples marathon?

Question:That was part 1 of the question
Here is part 2
2)What is the fly-belt


Can anyone tell me as many skateboard trick names and how they are done?

1)For taking a lift in a car
2)fly belt is the belt of countries in Africa affected by the tse-tse fly

What do u think is the best sport ?

Steroids - fly-weight is a class (light weight)

I am a softball pitcher and want to get better, How??

This question was asked in KBC.

Softball cheers?

for using fly belt

Why does the Big 10 suck in sports?

Loire Pastze was taken Lift from thr car so he stripped of his medal

Dedication or stupidity...?

Sponsor, nourish, encourage, value, & respect it whole heartedly, comprehensively, and take care to insulate it from extraneous 'considerations' !
We have a very very rich cultural tradition and heritage to look up to whenever confronted with a question "how to".. (remember the best of softwares now carry the best of 'help' menus, and I use this computer technology as an example, just because it appeals more easily... like they say " the shortest route to a child's heart is through its stomach !").
Well, we have very clear time-tested definitions about what constitutes an all-round growth of a nation.. We (Indians) had in ancient days, perhaps given the phrase "prosperity" while talking about an ideal nation, country, kingdom or whatever.
This prosperity was in ancient times measured in terms of excellence in Fine Arts. Only when material wants are fairly met, and skills at peak, the nations can even 'think' of excelling in other skills unique to only 'HUMANS' !
Well, it is up to the citizens to take up this task of excellence in these skills, especially sports -- because it is excellence in sports that would bring a lasting strong motivating factor to hasten the process of growth in other areas too !
Sir J.N.TATA , the adorable great personality has shown us the way by LIVING it... When just a kid, I heard of the story, where he motivated the famous Pehlwan to win a name for our country by sponsoring and funding him for a wrestling contest , somewhere in England .
We need Indians who are 'somebody' and who care about upholding the country's name !

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