Any tipps on playing darts?


I am looking to get my 6 year old nephew in sports. How can I get him Started? We live in Baton Rouge La.?

First of all, Cricket is the "king" of all dart games. Get yourself a decent electronic dart cabinet (you can get them at Walmart or Target for less than $50.)

Make sure you have a good set of darts that are consistent in weight and aerodynamics, so that it doesn't impact your throwing.

Then, its just all practice, practice, practice.

A few beers help too.

If you could change one moment in sports, what would you change?

Try not to aim at people's eyes. They tend to get mad.

Did diego sanchez take the fight with josh koscheck seriously or was he afraid?

I've been playing darts for about 4 years now. Just like anything else you have to practice to get any good. I play in tournaments often and we play 501 and cricket. Cricket isn't only a matter of skill, but it's also a mind game. Watch for your opponent's weakness, everyone has one. Mine is 16's. Always get ahead in points BEFORE you worry about closing your opponent's numbers or it's almost guaranteed you'll lose every time, only a pro can play "chase" and come out a winner. Good luck and have fun.

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