Any ideas?

Question:Our lacrosse team (high school varsity) always dresses up to school before an important game.
We have been pirates, dressed preppy, we had naked parka day (ur supposed to wear only a long swim parka but most ppl wear bras and underwear), we have had ribbons in our hair, sunglasses and hats day and spring dress day
But now were our of good ideas


Have you ever heard of a crazy or weird sport? well tell me all about it?

dress like boys, carry a stuffed animal, face paintings...just some ideas.

Who are the 10 best Jewish athletes of alltime? nt?

How about sombrero and tequila day

Does anyone know where I can buy a GYMNIC ARTE fitball 55cm in this country, can only seem to find suppliers U

You could all dress Gothic. Or as hippies. Maybe you could dress up to impersonate your teachers, or your lacrosse coach.

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