A question about girls' lacrosse...?

Can the defensive and offensive wing midi players of a girls' lacrosse team go all over the field, or do they just stay on offense or defense? I know the center mid can go all over, but what about the rest of the players on the wing?


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Hey, I play lacrosse as well. I play 3rd man and 3rd home. I'll play wing occasionally, but not as often as I did in middle school.

No, actually, you can't just aimlessly run around on a wing position. There are five middie positions (you may know this, but I want to clear it up for anyone else wondering the same thing), center, two a-wings, and two d-wings.

Center takes the draw and can run on either side of the field, offensive or defensive. The four wings line up on the center circle. If you play d-wing, both you and your other d-wing can fall back on to defense. But when the ball changes to offensive play, only one of the d-wings may cross over the offensive restraining line. However, if you play a-wing, both you and your other a-wing can fall back onto offense. But when the ball changes to defensive play, only one a-wing may cross over the defensive restraining line. Communication between wings is extremely important, and you must always count to make sure there are four behind the restraining line at all times (not including your goalie).

Hope this helps. =]

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The rest of the players on the wing can go all over on defense and on offense.

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