A 6 mile marathon?

okay im gonna walk/run a 6 mile marathon very early in the morning like at 7am its to raise money to find a cure for m.s [[my cousion has it]] they say to eat alot the night before and i also need to have a really good breakfast soo can u tell me wat i should eat the night before and wat i should eat in the morning( nothing to heavy cuz i eat very lightly in the morning but enough to fill me up for the hours that i will be walking =] i need all the tips i can get


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Some events refer to shorter runs as "mini-marathons" because it takes about as long to walk them as elite marathoners run whole marathons. A 10k is about 20 miles shy of a marathon.

Don't overdo supper the night before, or you'll be sluggish for your event. Go low-fat in the 24 hours leading up, make sure to have a light non-fat breakfast one or two hours before, and most importantly - eat a hearty meal after. Make sure to get some juice or fruits right after you cross the finish line!

Wear sun-block and/or plenty of shade clothing, thick socks with a little vaseline between the toes, comfortable ventilated shoes, drink what they offer you on course, and congratulate yourself for supporting a good cause.

Good luck!

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You Mean Like A 10k Run, Their Is No Such Thing As A 6 Mile Marathon., A Marathon Is 26.386 Miles Long, But It's A Good Thing That Your Doing, I Normally Eat Spaghetti The Night Before A Big Run. And A Granola Bar Or Power Bar On The Day Of The Run. Take Small Pieces Of Banana's And Apple On You Running Pouch To Help You Keep You Energy Along The Way.

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6 miles isn't a marathon. 6 miles is a 10k walk/run. A marathon is 26 miles 385 yards (42.195km).

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See above ref. 6 miles not being a marathon. You can walk/run 6 miles in about 2 hours.
But-- pasta the night before (to load up on carboydrates) and fruit in the morning for the sugar.

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