1 down..yikes my butt hit her?

Question:this might seem funny, but i still cant get over it. ok lol. this what happen so 2 coaches were spotting me on my backhandspring, and instead of going back i just jumped, and i accidently fell on my coach, and she was on the floor. and it had to be everyone wacthing. and luckily it wasnt tryouts, it was a clinic. but im pretty sure she will b ajudge, do u think she will rember me falling on her at tryouts?

lol i kno someone gonna say something rude. but yeah


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i think that it doesnt matter, the only thing she will judge you on is your performance at the tryouts! Just try your best at tryouts and im sure everything will be fine!(but it is kinda funny) lololol!

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hopefully you showered that day

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So you're saying, you fell onto your coach...your butt hitting her face?!?

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If you had a recording of it, you could probably have a chance to get it aired on ESPN or a sports show that has funny stuff that isn't staged. Things like that happen and the judge will only remember if you do it in a competition and wipe her out while she's sitting at the table. Don't worry about it.

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Try and forget about it and give it all you got at tryouts!

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