Any one running the London Marathon on Sunday? ... I'm still undecided?


Who are the Top 5 best street skateboarders?

Hats-Off to all those people that do run it for charity ... I find it exhausting just watching !

Who is the hottest athlete?

Go for it. Ive never done it, best ive done is a 3 mile fun run!!
You'll regret it if you dont do it.....go on...

What’s the world’s fastest field sports?

If you've been accepted you should be running - are you not letting the charity down that you are running for if you decide not to run?

Can anyone tell me of any shops in the uk that sell mens shoes and sport footware in size 13.?


How to i find the bowling tips can you give me the website i dont know how to find i hope you can give me now.

Have you registered? I thought there was a problem with numbers this year and people had to register a couple of months ago?

I NEED to get a SIx pack of abs?

is that this sunday? sh it I'd better get practicing or as Jade Goody calls it, eating a curry.

Does any one have an a to z for cheerleading?

You dont have to run it..Danny Wallace ex England, Southampton and Manchester United player, (picture of Danny walking is my icon) walked the marathon in 6 days last year. Danny is now a sufferer of MS, and is practically crippled by this disease, Danny was raising awareness for the charity, so anything you feel you can do to aid someones charity would be appreciated. Even if you dont do the course due to not registering in time, go to Blackheath and start off with the walkers, walk down to say Greenwich, it will take you about 3-4 hours, but it is really rewarding. I last year along with about 20 other friends and family of Danny's walked down to Greenwich then finished for the day, had to work during the week, but caught up with them at about 3 different stages and walked and shook our buckets during the week, and then met up along Embankment on his final day and walked down to the Mall. You can check out Danny's website at: - donations for this charity welcome. Thanks and good luck to you.

Are the Duke Lacrosse players able to file suits?

Go for it. Enjoy it. Set yourself a mini target to run further than you have ever done before then keep going a mile at a time.

You never know you may just finish.

South Carolina's new Under Armour football jerseys.?

i'm doing the mini marathon for my club, its alot easier but i think that you should go for it, its a big acheivment if you complete it.

Do they have sk8parks in paris ??

I never got a place this year. maybe next . Go for it and think of me Ta your the lucky one

How to varil flip?

i would like to take part. but at present i am in india. so, no question of marathan for me.

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