Alot of guys at my school skateboard, I am really getting into it. How do I learn!?


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Keep try the simple; when you keep fallin on your behind, you'll learn real fast. But if you don't like that plan then try

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skateboarding is hard. if you want to learn, ask some people who skateboard and are good at it for tips. Start with the ollie, and then transition to "dropping-in"(on like half pipes, and quarter pipes and stuff) and kick-flips, pop-shove its and eventually grinds.

and you will fall. wear a helmet.

I cant land a flippen kickflip?

I don't know but skateboarders in my school are hot! lol

RIP Barbaro

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It's not hard if you're willing to learn and stick with it, once you get a trick down you want to do more it's contagious. I'll post some sites to get you started and on your way. Get a complete board learn to skateboard then learn to ollie and in a few months you'll be ready to rock some cool tricks. Good luck and have fun. Stay away from the chinamart boards, get something nicer, if you can't afford a $80-$120 board don't worry, they're cheaper ones to buy and just as good, perfect for beginners.

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