Any help for picking up 10 pins...bowling?

okay i have a bowling ball with a crazy and sometimes annoying curve. my caoch says that at our bowling alley i must keep the ball between the 3rd and 4th arrow and move to the "skinny" boards as he calls them. i also have to not try to curve it and throw my ball. any suggestions to make this a little easier for me??


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I suggest standing to the left part of the lane (assuming you're a right hander) and aiming a board or two right of the center arrow. Keep your wrist flat or even bent down (the broken-wrist position) come straight through with the ball no side rotation at all. You want the ball to be complete end over end roll (If you don't understand what I mean your coach should). You can pick up any pin with any ball. In today's bowling it is very common to have a separate "plastic" ball to pick up single pin spares b/c they aren't made to hook. I wouldn't suggest using a house ball anymore b/c it's not drilled to your hand/finger size. Just remember to throw straight through your target with no side rotation. It will take practice but it works. Good Luck! Remember to Have Fun, don't worry if you miss the pin, it will take time and tinkering to figure out what works best for you.

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practice on what arrows you release your ball on to see what complements your hook.

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do not use your strike ball to try to pick up the 10 pin. 90% of the time it wont happen. Go get a house ball or buy a cheap plastic spare ball and use that. Remember to keep your wrist straight and take a step back from where you usually start your approach.

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