Adrenline junkies; is it a real or precieved phenomena?


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Its real, when u think u cannot do something, then do it even tho u dont want and might find it dangerous the feeling you get is like nothing on earth! , As u have never had teh guts to do this be4 the feeling is totally new and u want to get it back! i.e by doing more adrrenline type things :)

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Definitely real, just ask any jockey! Hurtling down a track at 40+mph on half a ton of muscle with nothing more than two thin strips of leather to control the beast - nothing beats it!

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I think its real but probably not in the area we tend to think about, I think dangerous sports people are really control freaks because they want to beat the elements, normal sane people who partake in sports where death is an option tend to seek to limit the risks because they are sane.

People who are adrenaline junkies are the ones who take risks with non deadly consequences you could possibly put gamblers into that category ie. they are looking for a safe high but a high non the less.

I hope that makes some sort of sense

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