Who is the greatest darts player of all time past or present?

my vote goes to phil "the power" taylor absoloutely awesome he is more accurate than a laser guided scud missile be interested to hear your views do you agree or disagree


What does finger pushups do for you?

it has to be Phil "the Power".....the man is a machine! Fair play to him though, I guess he deserves to win everything he gets with 8 hours practise everyday!

A grea influence to younger player I feel as well - and a genuine nice bloke, I was lucky enough to meet him once!

#1 draft pick in both football and basketball this year?

Eric Bristow gets my vote.

What is the Sport which is like volyball but they use their feet?

Leggy Moutbatton was pretty good in the late 50s/early 60s. Leggy came from Rutland, England.

Help with kickflip please?

John Lowe would be my vote.

How commonly is netball played in the US?

butt darts would have to be my old man. He hits a bullseye every time!

Where did Lane Frost meet Tuff Peterman?

One hundred and eighty - my best darts player would be Eric Bristow !

How many times has Greg Murphy won the Pukekohe V8 Supercars? Is he really the crowd favourite?

Has to be the power on the amount of times he has won the world title..I think that says it all.

What is a good bowling ball for "edge pin" spares?

Bristow to me is top-s.


Jockey Wilson. He could drink 20 pints, and still win :-)

Palace Vision or Joe Vision.When do they start?

The older ones likes Bristow, Lowe and Jockey Wilson all had entertainment value when they played - they were half cut when they were playing

Why do runners run counterclockwise on a track?

You can't argue with Phil "The Power" Taylor

(World Championship Winner 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006)

WHAT is it about the yanks and calling a compitiion "THE WORLD SERIES"?

Me, I beat Eric Bristow at a charity do!

Do you no how to do a backwalkover without back problems?

I definitely agree he is and always will be the best player to pick up a set of darts as for Barney he is good but to incon sistent

Doing a back handspring.. with out the wheel?

Phil "The Power" Taylor has to get my vote! He shows no sings of giving it up!

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