!0 Good Reasons why I should tryout for cheerleading.!?

Im not sure if i should try out for cheerleading. one day im like yes then the other day I change my mind. Should i tryout or not? I need 10 good reasons why i should maybe that will help me decide. and if i tryout im afraid im not going to make it. what should i do.


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Have confidence, if you dont make the squad, atleast know that you have courage to tryout =)

Ten reasons,
-Its a good workout
-You WILL stay active and heathy
-You WILL make new friends
-Any extra activity is good to have on your record for college
-You will further your ability and strength
-You will help your school team do good
-You will encourage others
-You will have more self pride and confidence
-Its a lot of fun!
-If your not a snobby cheerleader, a lot of people will like you
=) Hope that helps!

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If you are afraid that you will not succeed, you will never attempt anything challenging thorough your entire life. If you don't play then you cant win.

The question should be, I need 10 reasons that I SHOULD NOT try out for cheer leading.

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so you can get invited to the good parties...where people get drunk and pregnant.

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You could get popular

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4.feels good at the end
5.You will never know what your good at if you dont try
6.counts on records
7.you learn to work as a team
8.you get to watch guys play a game

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