*fAv SpOrT tEaMs*?

Question:Could be for any NBA, NHL, NFL, college, anything?? What are your teams =]


Who thinks Kaka will go to Real Madrid?

NBA- San Antonio Spurs
NFL- Dallas Cowboys
College-Texas Longhorns

Who is going to win on UFC tonight? Chuck Lidell or Rampage Jackson?

Eagles, Nc state, Duke, Panthers

This might sound stupid but i was wandering about a rumor ive heard about and how much truth there is to it.?

Red Sox

Why do people don't people consider band a sport?

MLB - Chicago Cubs
NFL - Miami Dolphins
NBA - Dallas Mavericks

Totally spread out

Convince my mom to let me skateboard?

Chargers, Colts,Broncos,Notre Dame Irish.

Which of these is the best sport to make a career out of?

Mets, Rangers, Chiefs and Providence Friars.

How do you go about getting into caving,if you've never done it before?

Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, And New England Patriots!

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