Anyone hate Skip Bayless (they guy on 1st and 10 on ESPN) more then I do?

In my opinion, he's the biggest jackass to live on the face of the earth! He always trashes the Cavs and says Lebron is overrated. How is he overrated? He's only 22 years old and averaging 26 points, 7 reb, and 7 assists for his career. Without Lebron the Cavs would not even be in the playoffs. I understand he makes bad decisions but hey he's only 22 and he's already one of the best. The Skip Bayless said that Felix Herdandez was faking the injury in one of the games because he was playing bad. Why the hell would anyone fake an injury? Finally, he said that 50% of the athletes in the NFL take steroids because they can't be that big. This guy seriously should be taken off of the show. He is a guy who simply wants attention and doesn't know a thing about what he's talking about!


Does chicks love skating?

Skip is stupid but that's his thing. Woody Paige is so over the top that Skip has to be also or he would be overshowded completely. If you notice, a couple of years ago when first and 10 came out, he was much more calm and less quick to make stupid judgment calls like 'a-rod is horrible and Lebron is overrated'. C'mon now skippy.

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He's said a lot of stupid stuff over the years. I wrote him off 10 years ago as a loser and I haven't paid any attention to him since. Just a classless piece of sh!t.

Rite next question who will win the all Ireland Gaelic football title in 07?

hes a jackass he has no clue what he is talking about he should not be on that show so times that jay guy knows more about the topics than skip does.

Who will win it all first?

I think he says this stuff to get u riled up. Time for you to take a chill pill.

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Every thing Skip just for shock value he's gettin paid

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