Airsoft Guns. Do they break Easily? are they plastic?

I know that they can get pretty expensive.. if u bought a 30 dollar gun would it just fall and break or are they worth buying?? And also... (im not smart with these things) but can you play with others who are playing with paintbal guns??


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some guns are worth buying. look at the brand. thats important. go to wikipedia, read up on good brands, and THEN buy a gun. 30 bucks can get you a pistol that can last for years if you know what to look for. And you can get a full metal pistol for $30, and those wont break even if you drop it repeatedly.

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Thirty dollar ones are okay and don't break easly, atleast the ones I have used. You can use it to play with other people who are playing with paintball guns, but wouldn't recommend it unless you had one that can shoot the little plastic beads and paintballs. If you want a good gun they have some at

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When you purchase a gun from JC Surveillance it is quality inspected for breaks and problem areas so your gun is not to break.
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