Too much spin?

I have a 15lb bowling ball. I'm fairly new to the game of bowling so I dont know much about it yet. Recently my ball has been spinning way to much. I can't seem to hit the pocket no matter where I stand or where I throw it. Any suggestions?


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I believe that you are forcing the bowling ball to hook. Either your hand is rotating on top of the ball or spinning it from the side when releasing it. Those types of releases will make it spin like a top on the lane.

Your hand is supposed to stay behind and below the ball and then your hand should go straight through and finish like you're finished shaking someone's hand. That type of release will allow you to let the ball hook naturally once it gets down the lane, without forcing any type of motion.

Beginners tend to think that making the bowling ball spin will allow it to hook. It will just spin and go straight with minimal hooking action. Hope this helps!

Price of the bowling ball does not matter because if you are experienced, and know how to bowl using the basics, you can score big. I bowled honor scores with equipment considered "intermediate" ($75-$100), only because that equipment worked on a specific lane condition.

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very strange...I have never encountered that problem.perhaps you are turning your wrist too much.try to keep it straight when you throw the ball.

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