Am I too old to start a sport like footy?

I have tried for both soccer and footy, last year when I was 21, and this year again just before i turned 22, but both times I was advised that because I had never played when I was younger, it was too late for me to begin. Now I know that it ma be true that i won't have the skills other players my age may have who have played longer, but I can train and learn them eventually. And also these are only in the amatuer leagues, nothing pro or anything. There are people who are double my age playing these sports, I am certain i could too. I hate the fact that at 22 (as of yesterday), I am classed as too old to particiate in sports. I feel as though i have been discrimnated against.


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of course you can play. sure you'll be behind in terms of skill level for a little while, but its nothing a little hard work and perseverance cant take care of. Just go out there and prove doubters wrong. Also remember that soccer is not just physical, its also mental. So you need to understand how the game is played, watch a LOT of games and study the position you want to play. Soccer is really a simple game, you dont need to have fancy footwork or super speed, all you need is a steady head and the willingness to get better and you'll be fine. Good luck man

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maybe they are trying to tell you to get a job. Is it your mom and dad you were asking this question too because at 22 my mom would be hitting me with a shoe if i told her i was thinking about taking up "footy"

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