About how strong would four guys who are in their twenties and over six ft be?

Enough physical strength to lift a car?


Do you think the athletes get treated special when it's time to pay the consequences?

Well, let's estimate that a small car weighs 2400 pounds. That means that each guy would have to be able to squat 600 pounds to be able to lift the car. I'm in my early 20s and over 6', and I"m pretty sure I can't squat 600 pounds, so your answer is most likely no.

Does anybody know how i or who i can contact to try a tandem hang glide preferably near to bristol?

Strong enough to have you needing some loyal friends when the "throw down" begins..either that or RUN like Road Runner.

Do you love boxing knockouts?

Probably not strong enough to lift more than a small car. I watched six men move a Fiat in Italy once.

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