A Question For Yo Skaters...?

Question:Hey guys, and girls of course. Im 15 years old, ive just started skating, and love it to bits! I can ollie, ollie 180, i can almost pop shuvit and kickflip, i can board slide, and pump lol. Is it too late for me too become a pro skater? Im just curious. Please answer this question, but no matter what answer i get, im still gonna keep rolling.


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I started skating at 16, I used to do it instead of going to college, by 19 I was sponsored and on the right track to professional skating however at 22 my knees, ankles, wrists and back were knackered and I couldnt do it anymore. At 24 I was back in college and then uni which I graduated from 3 years ago. You are not too old to start and make it to the top but please dont expect riches or to be famous, like all sports there are thousands of people who believe they have what it takes but can fail for some reason that isnt their own doing. So aim for the top by all means but remember that you need something to fall back on (and I dont mean your *** when you rock fakie and hang up)
Have a fitness regime, and I dont mean just skating to keep fit. Being an athlete in any sport takes a lot of dedication and training.

Be safe and remember the wheels side should stay pointing downwards on landing.. unless you are doing casper flip boardslides.but thats another story and probably a few years to go yet.

Still, I got to skate with Tony Hawk, Danny Way, Mark Gonzales, Ed Templeton, Rodney Mullen......to name but a few and that will never leave my memory. And I still do the odd switch flip nose manual now and then!

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It is never to late to try anything.

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yea he's right, its never too late.just stay commited and be inspired. some pro's now a'days start when they were probrally 14 or 13.15 isnt that old.just be determined

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just work hard dawg and u might get there

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Its never too late, Keep practice you can get there. Thats all I can say.

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no i skate for vans am team i started when i was 7 but i didnt learn to ollie and pop shuv it at 11 and it took me till i was 16 to learn boardslides and kickflips and that then i signed for vans am
never to late

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