Any good youth games?

That you can give me plz it would really help my youth group.


Do i need more practice?

the really good youth group games are softball, football, basketball, and baseball. I think i should know because I go to a youth group


yea its a lot of good youth games like basketball

How do sports teams decide what number to assign players?

well theres a game where you think of a celebrity for them to guess and keep giving them hints on who it is and if they guess it right it is their turn to ask the question

If I develop good muscle at gym, would I be more powerfull physically?

I used to love LOVE love dodgeball! That or 4 square, or kickball!

Where can i watch repeats/re-runs of PROS vs. JOES ??

buck buck, four on a couch, dictionary

Asics or brookes?

lacrosse is great

Do you think I should become a pro wrestler?

yeah lacrosse. lots of teamwork invovled. fast paced and always moving.

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