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Question:I skated about 2 or 3 years ago but ended up quitting but I want to start up again. When I use to skate, I always liked Salomons. Over the course of my skating years I had 2 different pairs of Salomons and liked them both as they were both extremely similar. I had tried K2s on at a dealer and didn't like them, same with Rollerblade. However, I have found out Salomon no longer makes skates so I think it's time I find something new (and hopefully even better).

I've been looking into skates and I think I've narrowed it down to 3 pairs that seem the best--Razors Shima 7, Remedyz 07 two, and Deshi kicks 3--but I can't decide between them.

What do you recommend? Have any of you tried the pairs I listed? I'm willing to pay as much as I have to because I want the best. Right now I'm leaning toward the Razors but I have no dealers in my area that sell them or the others so I can try them on and compare, so I have to order them, ignorant to how they feel, ride, etc. I need help chosing!


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You might be able to find old Salomon's on eBay or some of the online shops listed below on clearance. They do still make skates, they just don't sell them in the US anymore...not enough support. So...if you're looking do switch to something else and you loved Salo's, I'd recommend Razors and here's why...

Remz don't have near the support that skates like Razors and Salos have. They're super flexy and are a totally different feel. In fact, they're sorta like K2s as you have to lean pretty far forward to balance. I haven't tried Deshis on since they first came out, however when I did, they had some of the same problems with support. And honestly, I think they're UGLY!

So, Razors. The Shimas will last you a while like the Salos probably did and will have a nice smooth ride. For me, Razors are some of the most comfortable skates I've ever owned. I think you'll also find them lighter than your Salos were. Love the Razors. And they fit pretty true to shoe size so go with that.

Check out some of the online shops below and if you have any questions, let me know.

Good luck and glad you're getting back into it!

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Forget the boots. Pick up a skateboard ,I skate darkstar and baker. Toymachine and girl also make decent boards. While youre at it ,check out Lupe Fiascos Food and Liquor. Its a good cd to listen while youre falling down and thrashing your elbow or gashing your chin.

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