Any advice for me to do awesome tomorrow>?

I'm hurlding tomorrow for the 1st time...Im a distance runner so this is so new to me.and advice so i can get 59 seconds...oh Im doing the 300 hurldes..


How can you get yourself to run faster??

If you are a distance runner, running the 300 hurdles will be a snap. Run fast, and do NOT be afraid of the hurdles, attack the hurdles like you are going to kick the top right off. Do not worry about which foot you end up leading with, trust your body, let it be athletic and it will respond. Do not studder, like I said, attack the hurdle. About 5 yards before each hurdle, increase your pace to a sprint, go over the hurdle and then go back to your original stride. The main thing for your first time is do not be afraid of the hurdles and attack them like they just stole your lunch money and you're going to get it back. You will do a great job. Have fun, you can do it!

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