Aggressive In-Line HELP !!!!!!!!!...

Do u think the Rollerblade Bladerunner Fury Aggressive Inline skates r good . thank u =]


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No. They are Rollerblade's answer to super cheap skates. If you're getting into the sport, spend a little more and get the Rollerblade Downtowns instead. They will last you longer and will be much easier to grind in. If you're working within a budget, you can find these skates on eBay for under $100 brand new.

Other quality brands are Valo, Roces, Xsjado (pronounced Shadow), Remz, USD, and Razors. I've listed some online skate shops below you can check out for different types of skates and different price points.

Good luck and happy skating. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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