Airsoft- gas or electric?

What do you suggest? AEGs or gas?


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get an aeg. Gas guns lose power with each shot, in case you dont know. youre going to have to carry a lot of gas with you if youre going to use it as your primary. Plus, there arent that many gas rifles out there. if you MUST get a gas gun, get a pistol as your sidearm.

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AEG's by far. they're really the only kind of gun you can use as a primary weapon. anything other than a good solid AEG will easily be out gunned simply because it can put more rounds down field and is rather powerful. gas guns are good for backup but their too slow in their rate of fire and clipsize. an aeg will almost ALWAYS beat a gas gun

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AEG for your main weapon and GBB's for your sidearm. Never use a pistol as your main weapon :o

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Well, if it is a GBB, you could use it as a sidearm but not a springer. AEGs are better but all together it works best if you have AEG as primary arm and a gas blowback as a a secondary arm. If it is your first gun, I would by a GBB, and then move up to an AEG. If you are a hard-core player though, get both eventually. P.S. If you get a a full-aito MAC 11 hi-cap clip it would woop a AEGs but in close range soo. hope that helped

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