US CITIZENS, Do you guys play ball hockey growing up? Rollerhockey?

I've played all sports, and I can't understand how football is better than hockey in your country. Or playing baseball and sitting out in left feild all day with a finger up your ***. Wouldn't you rather just be able to skate up to any player, just whack him in the leg, and only get a 2 minute penalty, or skating up to someone punching them in the face, and only getting a 5 minute penalty. jabbing something with your hockey stick in the gut when the ref isn't watching. or is it just too cold in the rink?!


Do the Ticketmaster "E-Tickets" that you print out need to be printed in color?

different strokes for different folks

you sound like a jackass when you play hockey though.maybe nobody wants to play with you...

i like hockey
i like football

from your reasoning, it sounds like in theory, you should like football too.
but seriously...i hope you're not just trying to convince people that your favorite sport is better than theirs.
people just have different opinions
they like different sports.that's how it is

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