Am I a good offensive lineman?

Question:Varsity football
10th grade
225 pounds
6 foot
Bench press max - 200
Power clean max - 225
Squat max - 350

I know i need to get stronger and trust me i am busting my *** every day in the school weight room and in the gym to do so, but is that a good size for a young inexperienced offensive lineman and what techniques can i use to stop me from leaning when i block( my body has it as a reflex that when the person im not blocking doesnt move then i start to lean) i am a very aggressive player and you can tell when i lean because ialways try to demolish the guy in front of me. what are some techniques i can use to stop leaning and block the 300+ pound d-tackles out there? thank you.


Now that Florida has won?

yes you do need to start getting stronger but you also need to eat and eat and eat

then you need to start doing some running nothing to hard were you will be losing weight just enough so you are more conditioned and are faster then the d line and the backers

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