A good mountain bike?

I am a female. I am wondering a place to go to get a good Mountain bike for about $100 or under. I havent went bike shopping in a while, so Im not too sure! Thank you...


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There are no "good" mountain bikes for under $100. Good bikes start at about $300. You may be able to find a used Trek on eBay for $100. Try that.

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try to look at backroad bicyce trek bikes are best or a schwinn.

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A "good" bike doesn't come that cheap. Check Craigslist in your area or yardsales or bike swaps for Cannondales, Specialized or Giant bikes. A "good" mountain bike will start you around $500 plus compnents to make it better.

Most bike shops do financing and moight be able to hook you up. Check around your local area.

Good luck!

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Sorry to be out of topic, but for $100 you can't exactly get a 'good' bike. If you go for a really cheap bike, you can probably get a good 7-8 months out of it. From $200-$300 mark, you can expect a few more months if not, years. And it also depends on what kind of riding you're going to do and how often. I suppose it would be alright for a $100 bike if you go ride once a week/month. But if you go riding occasionally, go for a better bike. Your local bike shop should help you out. Cheers

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