Abs in 10 weeks or less?

alright so im going on vacation in 10 weeks and im serious about getting abs so i want everyones opinions and advice on dieting and exercise. please do not just give me websites i would much rather your specifics. I am currently lifting (toning w/ high res and low weight), running a mile evryday, and doing 10-15 mins of ab exercises per day. I am also eating a somewhat healthy diet, i mean i am a college student so its kind of hard. Im really just wondering if its even possible, i weigh 180 lbs and im 6'0 tall. If anyone has any good tips or advice feel free!


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dont train your abs everyday...they are a muscle group and need rest just like everything else does.alternate lower back and abs on opposing days.and please,for the love of pillsbury- stay away from crunches! You will pooch out your gut like a breadloaf! Pull everything in and try pilates which engages the deep abdominal wall to flatten your waistline not build it up. everything else as far as your game plan sounds good!best of luck 2 ya

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Do jumping jacks in front of the TV for 2 hours a day, and you'll be surprised... Trust me.

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As a personal trainer what i reccoment is LOTS OF WATER it cleans out your body, treadmill is a must, its not how long you do abs its how you do them, make sure you dont work out on your back rather then your stomach , you need to use machines with back support, between sets you need very little rest about 45 secs. Your weight and Height you should be doing 5 sets of 40 crunches a day easy.

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well first of all if you have a big stomach its possible to have abs and depending on the quality of what kind of ab work out.

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