Am I fast?

Well. Im 13 years old and going to play football next year... I run a 4.7 on the 40 yards and im probaly one of the fastest people in my middle school... Just wondering if this was okay or average or bad


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ok? this is a very fast time! by the time you are 18, you could be running almost world class speed if you keep with it! yhis time, kiddo, is great! much faster than what i could run at 13, but i did! become good middle distance runner in high school, with times of 4:20 in mile, 1:54 in 880, and 9:13 in two mile! enough to get varsity letters! try timing yourself in the 100 meter dash! if you can run it in about 11.3 or so at your age, that is fast!

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run 5.1 and come back to me!

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For guys in high school and near college that is average, but for your age that is fantastic. If you plan on playing football and you can take a hit, then go ahead and be a running back.

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