Am I the only one who thinks wrestling blows?

I just can't get into a sport that is fake.There is no rules,the ref always seems to not see the illegal things.They are great athletes,granted,but the story lines and their demeaners are stupid.Who agrees?


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Yeh, it's stupid

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there's a reason why they call it sports entertainment and not sports...

but yeah, i stopped watching when moolah gave birth to a hand. worst idea ever.

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PLEASE, PLEASE!!, Calm down, you must understand, there are people out there that believe wrestling is REAL. The government puts on these wrestling matches to find these people, to separate them from the normal population and get them into a nice safe place where they can't hurt themselves or anyone else.

It's correct in English say "make to resign ministers"!?

yes, you are the ONLY person in the universe who thinks wrestling blows. sorry dude.but no personally i think it blows as well, but obviously they are doing something right because their seats are always packed while professional baseball games and track and field events are only half *** attended.

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Like WWF? HELL yeah.
Real wrestling? Best **** sport EVER.

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The kind of 'wrestling' you refer to is not a sport.

There are athletes who compete in real wrestling that does have rules. It is a full-fledged Olympic sport.

But even for-real wrestling bores me. So does boxing.

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It is the worst thing ever. Close 2nd is American Idol. It should not even be called a sport in any sense, but a just sitcom or soap opera. Some people do think that crap is real and I feel bad for them, cause they are retarded or rednecks. Unfortunately, there is so much money in that crap, they wont stop anytime soon. Guys are athletic but are mostly juiced up on roids, because fake sports dont require you to take tests.

Now, if it were real, it would not be half bad. But the backstage personals and idiots yelling at people with microphones is just the so very very stupid.

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