About cheerleading?

Question:ok i have cheerleading tryouts on may 9 th and i dont have a cheer planned out or anything or how the tryouts work!! can u help me please!!

love amanda


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If you've never cheered before, try working in the mirror with just straight lines and keeping a smile on even when you stumble.

Cheerleading is very tense in a manner, so make sure your arms and kicks are all straight and not all curved. Also, it helps to nod sometimes on the emphasized word in a cheer.

Good luck!

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Okay. Try some websites, they may have cheers for you. =)

love stephanie

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2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate? your mom your mom yaaa your mom!

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don't cheerlead

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Go to that american cheerleader magazine online. They have chants/cheers there.

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