Am I good enough to play JV Softball?

I am a seventh grader. My dad is always telling me that I am good enough to make the junior varsity team. He wants me to try out. I am a catcher. In my summer leaugue I was MVP, Catcher of the Year, and I played with the "states team" (play other counties.) I want to try out for the JV team but I don't want to feel rejected. I am 5'1" so I am not tall, at all. Should I try out or no?


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Go on and try out. Don't worry about not making the team. If you work hard, and show that you can improve, you'll probably make it.

Most coaches on the youth level like to see an area for improvement. And if you give it 110%, chances are you'll make it.

If you don't make the team for whatever reason, at least you can say you tried. The only thing worse than not making the team, even if you tried out, is finding out that you could have made the team if only you did.

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Try out! You'll never know unless you do. And accept whatever place you're given on the team, whether it's as a starter or on the bench. And if you do end up on the bench, work never know when you'll get called in.

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of course you should try out! i mean, your say your good enough. MVP? "states team"? why not?

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