A paintball question about a spyder xtra and a spyder electra?

I have a spyder xtra 06' and want to buy a spyder electra acs (new version) because it has a rocking trigger,but would I be better off just buying a new rocking trigger with an anti-chop bolt for 129$ or the electra for 179$? because my step-dad said thespyder electra is basically the same as the xtra just with the rocking trigger,looks,barrel.what should i do?


How do i become a pro snooker player?

ok the first thing you need to look at is the anti chop bolt. how it works is so stupid. it has a spring loaded tube on the frount of the bolt. what it is supposed to do is if a ball only drops half way in and the bolt closes on it, the tube will stop moving froward while the rest of the firing mechanism goes all the way through the firing process and resets the bolt, this Makes it so the ball dosn't chop. the down side is that 90% of the time the ASC just deforms the ball and jams the gun. I would rather shoot through a chop that not be able to shoot at all. the next thing to look at is the rocking trigger. if you plan to play any tournament, then don't get a rocking trigger, they are not alowed in tournaments.

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