Any tips on running the 800m?

high school spring track


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Ah... middle distance.. don't you love it? I'm an 800m and 1600m runner myself. The tricky part is that it's not quite a sprint but it's quicker than mile and two mile pace. I treat the first 400m as the 1st lap to my mile, so it's pretty fast... then for the 2nd lap the first two hundred I start to pick it up and the final two hundred finish off with the kick. That's what works for me... at practice you should try a variety of methods to figure out your potential. If you're generally a fast runner (normally first or second in all your races) then keep up with the lead person and run with them and in the end, make them eat your dust. Sometime when I find I'm struggling, I fight with the person in front of me for the position and that usually keeps me going till the end when I psych myself out and want and deserve that medal more than that kid does.
So, during or after practice try running a couple of 800s varying speed in the beginning/middle or end, what ever helps you pull through. Then prepare yourself mentally, a lot of running consists of a strong mind and confidence.
Good Luck!

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YES! Run faster than everyone else in the race!

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For the first lab that is the first 400 meters keep your pace with the leadling person. Keep your distance with the leading person that is the second place.
For the second lab i advice you for the last 200 meters that is the time for you to take the lead and sprint for that last 200 meters left with your stregth...
Don't force yourself try and relax. Focus and not to look at your sides because sometimes some athletes they loose their concentrations just by looking at their sides and forcing themselves to take the lead.
You can study video tapes or anyfing that you can access so that you can get a more understanding with some of the techniques used by those people that you can help you.
But in all for that to happen you have to train really hard to gain fitness.

Hope this helps.


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