Any tips for long distance running in track?

for example- breathing coreectly, rhythmic things, arm swings,anything helps!


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Wow, perfect question for me. I'm a long distance runner too! You want to slow your breathing as much as possible. Breath just fast enough so that you feel like you're getting enough oxygen. Arm drive is critical because the better your arm drive is, the better your stride will be, and the faster you will go without having to work as hard. Your arms should be bent at about a 90 degree angle, and you should swing them in a full range of motion. That is, your hands should go from just behind your hip to almost up to your chin. Keep hands and fingers relaxed, no stiff fingers or fists. Keep your body straight, and your head forward. Your strides should be moderately long, and your feet should land from heel to toe on the ground.
The biggest thing for distance runners is endurance, which can only come from hard work and training. The more you run, the more endurance you will gain. Endurance combined with a smooth, relaxed stride makes for a good distance runner. Get used to a relaxed and yet quick-paced stride and gain the endurance to be able to keep going with that stride for a long time. I know that was long, but I hope it helped you out! Good luck distance running!

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Keep relaxed, do not tense your shoulders and arms. Let your arms swing back to front, not side to side have your elbows at 90 degrees, they do not change. If you are racing you should run an even pace, don't save it for the last lap or 100 meters. You can run a faster race if you run evenly. Take long breaths, not short gasping breaths. A trick is to blow out the air, not suck it in.

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