Any easy ways on how to learn how to skateboard...well tricks to begin with.?

I have been skating (just pushing and turning) for a few years. Now I think I want to learn how to stop! BIGG ONE! (Explain) and do cool tricks. Then I will succeed in my goal. Please explain a lot of tricks step by step please!


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good question. first you should learn how to do fakie 180 spins. this is when you ride in the dirrection you usually do not ride in and turn the board with your front foot to do a 180. you should also learn pop shuv its. this is when you turn your board toward the direction you are facing in at 180 degrees and you land right back on it. you want to do a "scissor kick" with your feet and you should practice doing these on the grass or not moving first. well thats all the help I can give you for now...hope that helped.

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