A-5 V.S. A-5 Stealth?

What make the Stelth versions range so much better? If I bought an A-5 how could I make it better, in a cheap manner? Thanks


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PAINTBALL PAINTBALL PAINTBALL i love paintball !.. but not so much woods ball. I have a friend that is big in to this type of game play,and uses the marker you have asked a question on. From what i seen and herd a-5s are outstanding markers for what your wanting it to do, there is no need to "mod" it but as the man above me stated

-new barrel
-new board or even grip frame
-a remote line
-compressed air not co2 its easyer on the marker and will not mess nothing up internaly its also lighter

you good to go, for any more paintball questions be shure to post or even send me a email.

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A-5 Stealth is what you will have when you have finished configuring your marker.

OK the A-5 is a great starting point. This is what you need to purchase in order to make it a great marker:

1) Flatline Barrel - A must to get the distance and accuracy.

2) E-trigger - The days of one shot is over. I suggest this over the response trigger because that is a learning process.

3) If you play woods ball then you need to get the remote and have that tank on your back instead of on the marker.

4) Shoulder stock. Again if you play woods ball great for aiming.

5) You have an A-5 Stealth.

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