Am I to big to be a flyer in cheerleader?

I am 14 years old and I am 5'2 and 108 pounds. I am pretty good flyer I have a year experience. I am in the 9th grade but I can't tryout for high school my mom says but I can just sign up for a football team. Do u think I will be a flyer. backspot or base. And do u have any flying tips for me?


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If you have experience only flying then I would say that you would be a flyer. And sweetheart you're tiny, you're not big at all, so please do not think that about yourself!

First DO NOT bend your knees or jump out, this could hurt you and your bases. NEVER EVER look down! Pull up and squeeze your butt (you want to be as tight as possible). Do not try to concentrate a lot, because that is the main problem for flyers, they are thinking of too many things at once. Clear your mind before you even go up, a trick my squad does is we ask the flyer what she had for lunch/dinner the day before, and she goes up only thinking of that which makes the stunt stick a whole lot better.

Just because you are cradling does not mean you stop pulling up. As soon as you feel your bases release you pull your shoulders up to your ears, (shrug your shoulders) which you should be doing the whole time you are in the stunt anyways. Continue to pull up until you feel yourself coming down, then kick your legs out into a pike and grab onto your bases shoulders. Make sure to use your stomach muscles to hold yourself up; basically if for some reason your bases lose grip of your feet you should be able to hold yourself up. Flying forces you to use a lot of stomach muscles.

The reason you need to pull up is not only for height but you have to remember that when your bases catch you, if you just fall you feel like a ton of bricks.

If you need help with piking for a cradle, then sit in a recliner chair backwords; I know this sounds funny but when I used to fly (now am a base) this was how other flyers taught me how to cradle. You place your head on the foot rest, and your feet where your head would normally go, and just sit in the position for a half hour to a hour daily until you get the feeling of how your body should be when you cradle.

Any other advice let me know!

And good luck!

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Umm.It doesnt sound like you're big, but I would think maybe losing weight would help your chances?

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If you are not able to do a highschool team then i think your chances of being a fligher are small, and your chances of being a base are very high. Its not very likely you'll be a back, unless your taller than most people there, but 5'2 is average, so you will most likely be a side base.
Sign up football teams usually have young girls on them, so they will have the smallest, and most flexible girls the flyers, but i think theres an age limit for those teams.
Make sure you check the Age limit

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it depends. for high school varsity and competive senior teams you would be a flyer. and you would not be a back spot. most likly a flyer. maybe side or main base but i dont think so

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