My dads going to buy me a K2 Fatty Pro Aggressive In-Line Skate. Are they good?


Hey help me skater dudes!?

If you're just starting out in aggressive skating, these will be great for you. They have really wide soul plates (the area under the soul of your foot) and will make learning to lock on grinds nice and easy. K2s are also soft boot skates which means they are made from fabrics rather than plastics on most of the boot of the skate. This will make them lighter and more flexible.

K2s have been making skates for at least 10 years and are good quality. These skates should do you just fine!

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Bud, he's buying you the skates. You don't have to pay for them. So be happy. And while he's buying them, ask him if he'll get me a pair too. :-)

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yea bro fatty pros are awsome im skating with them now and they arnt bad at all. when i first got them i thought they were going to be supreme klunk buckets, but i put them on and the skate molded to my foot with in hours and it seemed more like i had a pair of tims on then some big @$$ skates! plus the grind is smooth as fugg. hope that helps any good luck bro. crackajak aka k2

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