A sport which is the most popular with women?


Who has the best uniforms in baseball football and basketball ?

I am a women and I like Nascar..took me awhile. The first year my husband and I where together I was annoyed whenever a race was on.but after I noticed the hot drivers...I was all for it.

I think any sport that you are seriously into your women will get into it because they want to spend time with you. I would just encourage her rather then making it a man nights thing.

What's You Favorite Sport?

Im not sure but I know my friends love to watch basketball.

What jobs are out there in the sports world?

volleyball.. swimming... basketball ?

Why are chess, spelling bee, and scrabble considered sports?

who needs sports? the boys in the bands are the hotties! or any artist for that matter!

Is performing a Standing Backflip bad for the back?

My first love will always be HOCKEY. After that I would say Nascar, then football, then baseball, and then basketball. I only watch golf when Tiger is on.

As for sports I participate in first would be golfing, then swimming, and then cycling.

Sports Answer this question!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I like guys that play like all the sports. but i like to play basketball

How to get your backhandspring?

I personally like softball and baseball. I play softball, so I know the rules. My mom likes hockey and basketball. I don't think there really is a 'Most popular' sport, just like with guys. It depends on who you are and where you live.

How do i get a bad coach fired?


My 14 year son wants to join a paintballing group/club,we live in East sussex,are there any any?

gymnastics and dance

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